Things to consider if you have been hurt at work

  • Reporting the incident timely is critical (written correspondence, i.e., email or text message is recommended). You should also fill out a “First Report of Injury” as soon as practical after the injury;
  • Be sure to inform your medical providers of any and all issues you are experiencing (no matter how insignificant), and do so, from the outset;
  • You are entitled to see a physician of your choice;
  • The insurance company is responsible for reimbursing you for mileage to and from all your appointments;
  • Obtaining work slips at each of your appointments is critical;
  • Your case will remain open forever, unless and until, you settle the claim or you pass away. Many insurance companies will misrepresent the status of a case by telling you the case is “closed.” This is done with the intention of hoping you don’t pursue the claim further, thereby reducing their exposure and saving them money.

Hurt on the job?
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